Side 1

1. Kentish Nutting Girl - Skinner's Rats
2. Rambles of Kitty - Skinners Rats
3. Horn of the Hunter- Skinner's Rats
4. Jackie Coleman- Skinner's Rats
5. Bold Fisherman - Tundra
6. Battle of Balaclava - Tundra
7. Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy - Mariners
8. Silver Sphere/Jenny's Chicken - Mariners
9. Blow the candle out - Mariners

Side 2

1. Satin & Silk- Stephanie Clarke
2. Venus's Looking Glass - Stephanie Clarke
3. Appe Seed Johnny - Stephanie Clarke
4. Burglar Bold - Keith Pearson & Treacle Line
5. West Coast Ramble - Keith Pearson & Treacle Line
6. Bowling Green - Keith Pearson & Treacle Line
7. Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Keith Pearson & Treacle Line
8. The Cuckoo - Keith Pearson & Treacle Line
9. Peace Will Come - Merruwyn
10. Ore Boats - Merruwyn
11. Down Among The Evergreen - Merruwyn
12. South Australia - Merruwyn

All songs Traditional except
Side 1 Track 6 Doug & Sue Hudson
Side 2 Track 1 Adrian Calder
Side 2 Track 2 Adrian Calder
Side 2 Track 5 Keith Pearson
Side 2 Track 7 Earl Scruggs
Side 2 Track 9 Tom Paxton
Side 2 Track 10 Gordon Steer
Side 2 Track 11 Ann Galvin

All songs and arrangements copyright (ERON) except:
Side 2 Track 7 Southern Music
Side 2 Track 9 United Artists Music
Side 2 Track 10 Sound Post Publications

Produced by Erica Milner
Recorded (except Tundra & Mariners) at Nirvana Studios, Oldestairs, Kingsdown, Deal, Kent
Leaflet by Doug Hudson

Liner notes from the back of the sleeve:

This album comprises studio performances of folk and bluegrass artistes from Kent and east Sussex who play in clubs, concerts and festivals in the U.K. and on the Continent. It specifically relates to those who played in Luxembourg at the invitation of Roy and Anne Cattermole of Muehlenbach, in the Grand Duchy.

Soon after Britain's entry into the Common Market, Roy took up a post in the European Parliament in Luxembourg and, with his pretty wife Anne as able assistant, promptly began organising entertainment for the cosmopolitan 'Eurocrats'. Having discovered that British folk music found a ready audience, they started a series of weekly folk evenings with local talent from Luxembourg at the European Parliament Club which were an immediate success. They soon began putting on crowd-pulling folk concerts with reputable British artistes as the main guests, supported by a wealth of local talent, at the palatial Foyer Europeen in the city of Luxembourg. They arranged nationwide television performances and bookings for the artistes in local cafes, restaurants and discos.

Keith Pearson and Tundra performed on 26-6-74; The Mariners and Stephanie & Leonie Clarke on 28-2-75; Skinner's Rats presented British folk music at the "British Fortnight" in March 1975; Merruwyn supported the world-famous Ian Campbell Folk Group on 28-2-76. Other Kent artistess included Crayfolk and Paul Wilson and the most popular resident artistes were undoubtedly Francoise Reuter and Pascal Cristallo, also worthy of international acclaim. Unfortunately, however, not all artistes can be represented in a single album.

I hope that the listener will derive as much pleasure from this album as the international audiences have at all the live performances. Then they most warmly expressed their enjoyment at hearing for the first time artistes who are for ever increasing their following, particularly for their clever arrangements of copyright and traditional material, as well as for their own compositions.

All the artistes who have played in Luxembourg dedicate this album to Roy and Anne of Muehlenbach in gratitude for the time and effort they put into organising all the concerts and for feeding, accommodating and tolerating with kindness and patience these "Travelling Folk" artistes. Meanwhile, the reaction from Luxembourg: "Please come again............."

Erica Milner
(All spelling, punctuation etc. is as read in the liner notes)

Note: The label of this record has the words ERON RECORDS written in Cirth Runes (one of the runic alphabets devised by J.R.R, Tolkein). It looks something like this:

It is noted in Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide 2010 that a mint copy of this LP is worth 25, but sell for a lot more on ebay. On 2nd February 2010, a copy sold on eBay for 43