Side 1

1. Together (J. Bernard/G. Leatham)
2. Take Me Home Country Roads (Danoff/Taffynivert/Denver)
3. Until It’s Time For You To Go (Sainte-Marie)
4. It’s A Wonderful World (sic) (Weiss/Douglas)
5. Lili Marlene/Muss I Denn (Leip/Schultze - trad. arr. J. Bernard)
6. By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Webb)

Side 2

1. Yellow Bird/Banana Boat Song (Keith/Bergman/Luboff - Burgess/Belafonte)
2. Georgia On My Mind (Gorrell/Carmichael)
3. Put Your Hand In The Hand (MacLellan)
4. Confessin’ That I Love You (Daugherty/Reynolds/Neiberg)
5. Snowbird (MacLellan)
6. The Last Farewell (Webster Whittaker)

Published by: 1.1 Eron Enterprises; 1.2 Lodge Wright Music; 1.3 Essex Music; 1.5 Peter Maurice Music/Eron Enterprises; 1.6 Carlin Music; 2.1 Frank Music; 2.2 Campbell Connelly; 2.3, 2.5 Ardmore Beechwood; 2.4 Francis Day Hunter; 2.6 Tempo Music

Produced by Ron Milner
Recorded at CMS Recordings, 2 Blenheim Road, Deal, Kent

Liner notes from the back of the sleeve:

This is the first album by The Joanne Duo and it follows close on the heels of an E.P
which proved very popular with audiences in Britain and all over the Continent of
Europe. Since the E.P. was released in September 1976 the duo completed yet another
very successful tour of U.S. bases in Italy and Germany (Bavaria) as well as appearing
In Austria, Holland and France.

The album consists of mainly songs which proved most popular with audiences over the past
nine months. Joanne’s version of “Until it’s time for you to go” was the song most often
repeated at audience request. The album opens, however, with the title song “Together”
which is a setting to music of a poem written by Joanne. The song is brand new, the music
having been composed by George Leatham, a friend and admirer of the duo.

The artistes display their virtuosity in solo as well as in harmony numbers. The album
was recorded without the doubtful benefit of double- tracking and there are no added
instruments or session men. Thus the sound listeners hear on this record is a fair
reproduction of the duo’s normal playing - bearing in mind, of course, that the record
cannot reflect the duo’s professionalism in their visual performance, which is an
important part of their act. One of the impressive features of this talented duo is
Tom’s ability to change instruments mid-stream, without interrupting a song, playing solos
on trumpet, trombone and harmonica. Tom also plays ukelele, tuba and flugelhorn and Joanne

The album is specifically designed to please admirers of The Joanne Duo but I think all
listeners will find it relaxing and enjoyable. It was recorded in the summer of 1977 when
the duo were playing their second successful season at Maddieson’s Chalet Hotel,
St. Margaret’s Bay, Kent in the popular Tavern Bar.

Ron Milner July 1977

Below are some flyers, posters, programmes and reviews that Joanne kindly sent me.