Cassette only.

Side 1:

1. Blue Grass Lullaby (Pearson) Copyright Control
2. Sailing (Calder) Eron Enterprises
3. Pack Up Your Sorrows (Marden/Farina) Ryerson Music
4. Devoted To You (B & F Bryant) Acuff-Rose
5. Streets of London (Ralph McTell) Essex Music
6. Bye Bye Love (B & F Bryant) Acuff-Rose

Side 2:

1. Leaving On a Jet Plane (John Denver) Harmony Music
2. She Was Young (arr. S. Clarke) Eron Enterprises
3. You've Got a Friend (Carole King) Screen Gems - Columbia
4. Satin and Silk (Calder) Eron Enterprises
5. The Last Thing On My Mind (Tom Paxton) Harmony Music
6. This Will Be Our Last Song Together (Neil Sedaka) Warner Bros.

NB: This is the track listing for the vinyl re-release, MER 429, there were 15 tracks on the cassette.

Liner notes from MER 429:

"Stephanie and Leonie Clarke, sisters aged 19 and 18 respectively,
first began singing when only 11 and 12 as a quartet with their
similarly aged girl cousins. After a booking at Deal Folksong Club
the Clarke sisters decided that their best route to success was a folk
duo; they changed their repetoire to folk songs with the emphasis on
humour and cheerful ballads. Once accepted at folk clubs - initially
probably only as a novelty - they were soon booked for concerts and
festivals; they made their own arrangements of more commercial
material but always included a few traditional songs.

They were soon booked to support celebrated artistes such as Stephane
Grappelli, John Renbourn Band (Pentangle II), Davey Graham, Ian
Campbell Folk Group, The Mariners, etc., at concerts and festivals in
Britain and Luxembourg where they gave their first television
performance. They subequently performed on Southern Indepenent
Television but have temporarily abandoned the stage to immerse
themselves in examinations prior to entering universities. They hope
this record will encourage buyers to venture into their local folk
club. Stephanie and Leonie have recorded tracks with other artistes
on albums which are still available as collector's items: "Folk in
Sandwich" and "Travelling Folk" which commemorate their performances
at the Sandwich Festival and the European Parliament Folk Club
concerts in Luxembourg respectively. The girls' first solo album
"Channel Folk" was issued as a cassette containing all the tracks on
this album plus 3 more and are sold mainly on the Sealink
cross-channel ferries."

Apparently it was mainly sold on channel ferries. Twelve of the fifteen songs were later issued as an LP on the Stereo Gold Award label (as "Friendly Folk" by "The Clarke Sisters" with the number MER 429) but I'm not sure if these were simply reissued or if they were re-recorded.

Neil and I suppose the reason it was only a cassette was because this was more likely to sell to people as an "impulse buy" souvenir of their ferry trip, as it could slip more easily into a handbag or pocket than an LP!

Thank you to Neil Murray for the information on this release.