Side 1
1. Stanton Drew - Plum Duff
2. Long Black Veil - Plum Duff
3. Jock Stewart - Plum Duff
4. Knocking On Heaven's Door - Plum Duff
5. Julianne - Plum Duff
6. I Like To Rise - Plum Duff
7. Lucy Campbell - Brian Boru
8. The Otter's Set: Morning Star: The Blackbird: The Otter's Set - Brian Boru
Side 2
1. Musical Priest/Pigeon On The Gate - Brian Boru
2. Arthur McBride - Brian Boru
3. Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife - Brian Boru
4. Carrickfergus - Telham Tinkers
5. Johnnie Cope - Telham Tinkers
6. Doffin Mistress - Telham Tinkers
7. Coal Hole Cavalry - Telham Tinkers

Side 1 Tracks 1-3, 5, 6 Trad. arr. J. Towner - Eron Enterprises
Side 1 Track 4 Dylan - Feldman - EMI
Side 1 Tracks 7 & 8, and Side 2 Tracks 1-3 Trad. arr. Brian Boru - Eron Enterprises
Side 2 Tracks 4-6 Trad. arr. Telham Tinkers - Eron Enterprises
Side 2 Track 7 Ted Edwards - Eron Enterprises

Produced by Ron Milner
Recorded at CMS Recordings, Deal, Kent

Liner notes from the back sleeve:
The Black Horse is a pleasant country pub at Telham near Battle in Sussex. The ever
cheerful landlord Eddie Dunford and staff serve good beer, being members of CAMRA -
The Campaign for Real Ale.
The Black Horse has for many years played host to one of the most successful folk clubs
in the south-east of England. Founded in 1967 by Colin Potter, the Black Horse Folk
Club's consistent success over the years has been due not only to the varied and excellent
guest list but also to the perseverance and personality of successive resident groups and
organisers. One of the most successful resident groups was The Mariners (whose solo album
on EMI has sold close to 50,000 copies) and although they no longer exist as a group,
former members of The Mariners now play in several other local folk groups including the
three featured on this record.
PLUM DUFF, BRIAN BORU and TELHAM TINKERS take turns as residents of the club,
ably supported by the many excellent floor singers, a system which helps give the variety
on which the club thrives and which also allows the groups the freedom to perform else-
where, such as Plum Duff's recent tour of Belgium and Brian Boru's current German tour.
For those who already know the club, this album will be a treasured souvenir - for those
who do not, listen to a sample of the music which will welcome the Saturday night audience
who go to hear -Folk at the Black Horse!

PLUM DUFF are: JOHN TOWNER (vocals, whistle, autoharp, guitar); REG MARCHANT
(vocals, mandolin, guitar); TONY DAVIS (actually Davies)(vocals, guitar, banjo); PHIL
RATCLIFFE (vocals, guitar); COLIN BALDWIN (bass guitar).
(PLUM DUFF wish to thank Gary Blakeley for assisting on tracks
1 and 3).

BRIAN BORU are: GARY BLAKELEY (fiddle); PETER SEDGEWICK (vocals, guitar);
PAUL SEDGEWICK (uillean pipes, whistle).

TELHAM TINKERS are: IAN DOBSON (vocals, mouth organ); TED BISHOP (banjo, portable
organ); PETE TICHENER (guitar, mandolin, double bass); GEOFF
HUTCHINSON (vocals, guitar.