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1. Tequila Sunrise (Henley/Frey)
2. Rocky Top (Boudleaux/Felix/Bryant)


1. Johnny Buccah (Wat Nichol)
2. Ballad of the Bog (Wat Nichol)

Recorded by Foldback Studios, DEAL, Kent.

Liner notes:

MIK & MARTYN (Mick Vallintine and Martin Abbott from Romney Marsh) first played together as a folk duo touring local folk clubs. Despite their great popularity there were insufficient folk clubs locally to justify this specialisation and they changed their repertoire to satisfy pub audiences. They were encouraged to enter the Pub Entertainer of the Year contest in which they were runners up; also they were one of the winners in the 'Opportunity Knocks Road Show' organised by Hughie Green. They have become so popular that they have given up playing in pubs as the demand became too great and they now play mainly cabaret at clubs all over the country and perform concerts. They are well known to holidaymakers at many Holiday Camps.

Both are excellent vocalists, instrumentalists and arrangers of music. Mik plays guitar, banjo, ukelele and Martyn plays guitar, mouth organ and kazoo. their sound is big - more like a quartet than a duo and they sometimes play the whole evening for a dance. They have a very large and versatile repertoire and are popular because of their inspired arrangements of songs, particularly those sung by the great George Formby.

This is their first solo record. However, they performed five songs on an album called SHEPWAY FOLK (ERON 003) in the days when they were a folk duo.