After setting up this site without permission from Ron Milner, the owner of Eron Enterprises, I thought that somebody would contact me and tell me that I was in the wrong and I should close down the site.


At the same time, I thought it would be easy to contact Ron, or Erica, his daughter, and get some information from them for the site. Unfortunately I have found out that Ron Milner died some years ago, but Erica still alludes me.

This is the only picture that I have of Ron. It was taken in 1971 (I think) at a New Years Eve fancy dress party.

From left to right: Andrew, Karl and Pamela Zimmer, Ron, Erica and Abe Milner

And here's a close-up of Ron and Erica

I do not know where Erica or Ron's son Abe are. I would be very interested to hear from ANYONE who knows of their whereabouts. Or know something of their past.

Please contact me at - it would be great to hear from the people who bought these recordings to mine and everybody's ears.

Conrad Zimmer