Side 1:

1. Be My Song (Ivor G. Pickard)
2. Changing Times (Ivor G. Pickard/Sheila Mosley)
3. No Time To Waste (Ivor G. Pickard)
4. One Morning In May/King of The Fairies (Trad. arr. Ivor G. Pickard/Sheila Mosley)
5. Sweet Honesty (Ivor G. Pickard)
6. Candy Man (Trad. arr. Ivor G. Pickard)

Side 2:

1. City Night (Ivor G. Pickard)
2. Ivors Song (Sheila Mosley)
3. Red Pepper Rag (Henry Lodge arr. Ivor G. Pickard/Sheila Mosley)
4. My Lady (Ivor G. Pickard)
5. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning (Trad. arr. Ivor G. Pickard/Sheila Mosley)
6. Front Door Key (Ivor G. Pickard)

All tracks published by Eron Enterprises except side 2 track 3

Engineered & Produced by Paul Dengate
Recorded at Fairlight Studios, Hastings; October to December 1980

It is noted in Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide 2010 that a mint copy of this LP is worth 30 though sells for considerably more on ebay.