Faraway Traveller - Angus


Side 1:

1. Faraway Traveller (A. Rollo - Eron Enterprises)
2. I Will Wait For You (N. Gimbel/M. Legrand - Interssong Forlagen)
3. Rock On Sister (A. Rollo - Eron Enterprises)
4. Let's Do It (C. Porter - Warner Brothers)
5. Bellissima (G. Laffranchi/D. Filippini - Eron Enterprises)
6. I'll Never Complain (A. Rollo - Eron Enterprises)

Side 2:
1. Summer Nights (A. Rollo - Eron Enterprises)
2. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (J. Croce - Chappells Co. Ltd.)
3. Ciao Signorina (G. Laffranchi/M. McKenzie - Eron Enterprises)
4. Tropical Island (A. Rollo - Eron Enterprises)
5. Ain't Misbehavin' (A. Rafaz/T. Waller/H. Brooks - Mills Music)
6. Ballad Pour Adelaine (P. de Sennevile - Sonet AB)

All songs arranged by Angus Rollo.
Recorded March 1981 at Oakwood Studios, Kent, England.
Many thanks to Dougie, Graham, Hazel, John and Ted for their help with the recording.
Produced by Ron Milner.

This seems to be a cassette only release.
The inlay for the cassette was printed in Denmark