A short piece by Sigvard
A email I received from Sigvard:

I was always interested in music since I was a young boy in Germany and we held many musical events together with friends and family, singing and playing of old German folk songs. In a way I was always interested in medieval music, so when I came to England, I saw these local musicians at some of their concerts and decided to approach them with some of my pieces I had already written. As they liked them, although they can not be called truly medieval, I decided to write further ones for them and that is how Cryptadia came into being. There was something wrong though with the recording balance of the Harpsichord piece, which was much too overpowering. Someone liked especially my composition 'How I wish that I could know'.
I always thought of producing a kind of mixture using medieval and modern instruments. Apart from this type of music I also wrote popular music including lyrics. Some of them became quite liked at local gigs and on what was then Radio Brighton when several people wrote or phoned the Radio to request repeat. My own daughter was a vocalist and with a young keyboard player they gigged extensively at pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, ferries and ships. Although they performed professionally under contract with an agent and I had written quite a bit of their music, PRS of whom I am a member did not pay me as they did not regard their venues as major ones.