1. Medway Flows Softly (Gilbert. arr. Hudson) - Tundra
2. If (Pearson/Kipling) - Keith Pearson
3. Watercress O/Blackleg Miner (Trad. arr. Mariners) - Mariners
4. Picture of Life's Other Side (Trad. arr. H. Graham) - Holly Gwinn-Graham
5. Sweetheart (Pearson)- Keith Pearson
6. Mixed Up Old Man (Carter/Belton/Clarke) - Leonie & Stephanie Clarke
7. O My Love (Pearson)- Paul Wilson
8. Chips With Everything (Learmouth)- Tundra


1. As I Roved Out (Trad. arr. Mariners) - Mariners
2. Over Yonder (Trad. arr. H. Graham) - Holly Gwinn-Graham
3. Keep On Hanging On (Pearson)- Keith Pearson
4. Three Ravens (Trad. arr. H. Graham) - Holly Gwinn-Graham
5. Seven Gypsies (Trad. arr. Wilson) - Paul Wilson
6. Watching The Sky (Pearson) - Leonie & Stephanie Clarke
7. Battle of Edgehill (Hudson) - Tundra


Produced by Ron Milner

Recorded at Steenhuis Studios, Broadstairs, Kent.


Liner notes from the back of the sleeve:

In the Spring of 1973 there was no folksong club in the small and ancient town of Sandwich but notable folk concerts were produced nonetheless. There was a production in May, probably unique, of folk and drama which ran for four days. Leonie & Stephanie, Holly, Keith and Paul sang folk songs for the first half of the evenings and the Barbican Players performed a play ‘Black Comedy’ after the interval. In July, for the Festival of Sandwich, a folk concert was held in the medieval church of St.Mary’s at which The Mariners and Tundra featured as well as Keith, Leonie & Stephanie and others.

Although several centuries of folk songs are represented in this album most are original songs written in the folk idiom. Keith Pearson, who lives in Cliftonville, is a prolific songwriter as well as a fine singer and instrumentalist and his songs are popular with many artistes. Keith sings ‘If’, ‘Sweetheart’ and
‘Keep on Hanging On’whilst Paul sings ‘O My Love’and Stephanie & Leonie sing ‘Watching The Sky’, all of which were written by Keith.

‘Tundra’ of Rochester Folk Club, comprised Doug Hudson (vocals and 12 string guitar), Sue Hudson (vocals and drum), Peter Learmouth (vocals, mandolin and accoustic guitar), Mike Peters (vocals, electric bass, accoustic guitar). ‘The Battle of Edgehill’ was written by Doug and is an ironic story of a patriot
executed for treason - a hazard of the Civil War. ‘Medway Flows Softly’ was written by George Gilbert and is a memory of his childhood which, if the song is a true example, must have been very beautiful. ‘Chips With Everything’ is a mandolin solo by the composer Peter Learmouth.

Holly Gwinn-Graham is the wife of the famous Davey Graham and they now live in a tiny cottage in Sandwich.Well known for musical and in her native Florida, U.S.A., Holly is best known in Britain for the albums ‘Holly Kaleidoscope’ (Decca SKL 5056) and ‘Godington Boundary’ (President
PTLS 1039) on which she performs with Davey Graham.Apart from the British ‘Three Ravens’, Holly sings two traditional and rare American ballads ‘Over Yonder’and ‘Picture From Life’s Other Side’-which is believed to have been sung by the Salvation Army as a warning to innocent and virtuous maidens.

‘The Mariners’ of the York Folk Club,Bexhill, comprise John Towner (vocals, guitar, whistle), Ian Dobson (vocals), Geoff Marchant (guitar, mandolin0, Ted Bishop (banjo) and George Copeland (guitar). The two songs ‘Watercress O’ and ‘Blackleg Miner’ reflect the effects of mining strikes on the community -
and the Kent Coalfields border Sandwich - while ‘As I Roved Out’ should be taken as a warning to young girls not to believe the glib words of young men.

Paul Wilson, like Keith, comes from Cliftonville and is also resident at Margate Folk Club. ‘Seven Gypsies’ was made famous by Davey Graham on his L.P. ‘Folk, Blues and Beyond’ (Decca LK 4649) but this is Paul’s own version.Paul is producing his own L.P. shortly.

Leonie Clarke was aged 13 and her sister Stephanie 14 at the performance. Despite their tender youth they are very popular at clubs and concerts. They are both competent guitarists beginning tuition at Dover Grammer School Guitar Club and subsequently private tuition in their native Walmer. Devoted young folkees, they asked George Belton (of Hole in the Wall Folk Club, Chichester) permission to sing his version of ‘Mixed Up Old Man’which he sang in Lewes with Bob and John Copper.

With Davey and Holly Graham living in Sandwich and the Rev. Hugh Maddox (founder of the famous Crypt Folk Club at St. Martin-in-the Fields) the new Rector there, the prospects now look good for an excellent folk club in Sandwich.

This came with a white inner sleeve and a yellow paper insert entitled SANDWICH FESTIVAL 1973 COMMEMORATIVE ALBUM. On the reverse is a short résumé of the record:

"This record contains an interesting selection of traditional folk and contemporary songs written in the folk idiom, most of which are rarely heard outside the South-East. They concern the coalfields, which lie close to Sandwich; Kent's famous and beautiful river Medway; songs of love, humour and advice to maidens; instrumentals and ballads. Artistes include the professional folksinger and songwriter Keith Pearson, American Holly Gwinn-Graham - wife of the famous Davey Graham - best known in Britain for the albums 'Holly Kaleidoscope' (Decca SKL 5056) and 'Godington Boundary' (President PTLS 1039), The Sussex group 'Mariners' from Bexhill, the Medway quartet 'Tundra', Margate folk club resident Paul Wilson, whose own L.P. is soon to be released and a duo of Leonie & Stephanie Clarke, aged 13 and 14, who are immensely popular in the area. All played at concerts in May or July 1973 in Sandwich, which is recently blessed with Davey and Holly Graham as residents and the Rev. Hugh Maddox (founder of S. Martin-in-the-Fields Crypt folk club) as the popular new Rector. The record is suitable for all ages and most tastes."

(spelling and grammatical mistakes Ron Milner's own)

It is noted in the online version of Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide 2010 that a mint copy of this LP is worth £40, but sell for a lot more on ebay.